Malay Village in Vietnam?

On our last day in the Mekong Delta, after sleeping in a pretty challenging hostel (think dirty sheets, yucky pillow, paper-thin door and many creepy crawlies) we woke up sort of refreshed and headed back out for another adventure. Rest assured that when we woke up the next morning Cody told me about his plan to protect me if anything happened during the night. I guess that is why he made me sleep away from the entrance and propped a chair in front of the door. Nice to hear that he was looking out for my safety and I am thankful that he waited until the following morning to let me know of his worries and plan. I can always count on him to watch my back and think of me. Thanks Cody!

We woke, had some breakfast, boarded another small boat and headed out, past a lake village, to a “Malay” village. I put Malay in quotes because although we were told multiple times, that they came from Malaysia, lived off of the land, traveled solely via the water and spoke Bahasa Malaysia, all three of those things were not true and we even suspect that the weaving looms that they were weaving on were for show. The people did not recognize any common Bahasa words (like please, thank you, how are you or what is your name,) the kids said they went to a school just down the street and we could see the street past the trees at the back of the  compound. But everyone has to make a living, right? Who can blame people who make their living deceiving tourists. I definitely can not.

House Boats on the Mekong

Early Morning Row

Vietnamese Malay Village

Starting Her Day

Children from the Village


Cody in the Boat


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