Crocodile Farm

Over the three-day trip, we had many main attractions, but one of smaller ones we saw was a crocodile farm.

Silly me, I thought it was a “farm” because people visit it and its main “attraction” was that it was a tourist destination, but no, it was a real “farm” made for the main purpose of raising crocodiles for their meat and skin. How ignorant am I? Or you could flip that question and ask: how oblivious am I? Either way you spin it, I was not really into it that much. The crocodiles were really cute and I thought Liam would like some video footage of the prehistoric creatures, but not top on my list of Vietnamese attractions. I like the thought of them remaining alive for the sole purpose of viewing, or even bet out in the wild, but when in Rome…

Many, Many Crocodiles

Mrs. Crocodile

Here is the video I took for Liam and here is the birthday post I wrote for him back in February.

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