Sun Yeong Wai Duck and Some Pomelo Make a Picnic

Just after a pit-stop for some refreshing drinks, we went to purchase some excellent roasted duck from the famous Sun Yeong Wai shop for an impromptu picnic next to a local lake. The line was long so we waited outside while Kuan got the goods and fooled around a bit.

Foolin' 'Round

Yummy Duck Shop

We could hardly wait to eat it so we dug in for a little taste while in the car. Like Cody said “this is the best duck I have ever tasted.”

Kuan Passing Back the Duck

We went straight from the duck shop to the pomelo (Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis) plantation. If Cody was in heaven eating the duck, the same would be said for me and pomelo. First off, people might not know what they are. A pomelo is a HUGE pale green/yellow citrus fruit that is the size of a small bowling ball. The are sweet, yet tart at the same time, and have enormous pulpy sacs that you eat. Yum, pulpy sacs! No but really, they are delicious. When you peel the skin, you need to find a big knife to get in and then pry your little heart out. Once the outer layer is gone, peel the skin from each crescent and enjoy. Oh, they are so amazing.

Cody Holding a Pomelo from a Tree



Hee Hee, Look


Sean Holding Up Pomelo (Good Thing He Is Strong)

After we got all of the goodies, we found our way to a local lake and had a little picnic in the grass. It was a great!


So Sophisticated