October Road Trip Day 1: Kaunas, Lithuania

With October break coming up and our trusty new Volvo purchased, we decided to take a road trip. We had one week and endless possibilities… what the hell… Auschwitz! Cody decided on a route with some stops along the way and we were off. Car packed, snacks in the back, map in the front and at 4:30, vroom, vroom. Pulling out of the parking lot from work the weather was chilly and clear with a few hours of daylight left.

After a quick three hour drive through the flat forests of trees dropping their colored leaves and we had arrived at our first destination, Kaunas, Lithuania, the second largest city in this Baltic state. We were tired and hungry but so excited. Kaunas is a cute little river town that is pretty easy to spend a few days in. We checked into the nice Kaunas City Hotel and headed for the window to see our view. Not only did we have a balcony, but we were right over the main walkway through the center of the city. Pretty great!


Cody found us a great italian restaurant Piccola Italia, actually the best restaurant rated on Tripadvisor and it did not let us down. The place was packed but after 1/2 a drink at the bar, we had ourselves a table. I ordered some cheese-less pizza and Cody had some risotto. It was delicious and it was fairly authentic; they even had limoncello and sambuca on their dessert menu. We had a leisurely dinner and headed back to the hotel to have an early night.


After an adequate hotel breakfast I convinced Cody to lace up his running shoes and head out to see the city by foot. He found us a running route and we were off, through the city, in search of Kaunas Castle. We found some graffiti, a skatepark, some wonderful old churches, cobble stone streets (that are very difficult to run on) and some cute coffee shops. Our chilly run through the city was great and the ultimate destination was beautiful in the misty morning.

IMG_4045 IMG_4047 IMG_4049 IMG_4051 IMG_4054 IMG_4056 IMG_4059

Right next to the castle there was a photo exhibition that focused the general public and their personal castles. The photos were great and the best part was not the castles, but the people posing. I wish I had a house, because this would  be one of my first projects. Forget the gnomes, just bring on the brick and mortar plopped in the middle of a moat.

IMG_4061 IMG_4062 IMG_4064 IMG_4065

A quick stop to admire some of the best city wall art to this day and a stroll through a great farmers market and we headed back. Time to cut out (we decided we would be back since it was only 3 hours away) and make a run for the Polish border. Warsaw or bust!IMG_4068 IMG_4070 IMG_4071

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