September Fall Festival

Last weekend we joined some friends at an outdoor market right in the center of Old Town. It was a brisk, windy day which resulted in me buying a 20 EUR hat (hand knit, but way to expensive… I felt bad for the old lady selling them and was freezing my butt off). It did not help that I had wet hair too, but that is besides the point.

In Dome square, right by the cathedral there were booths set up selling foods like honey, cured meats, jams, bread, ostrich and cheese. They were also booths with crafts such as wooden toys, woolen knit sweaters, capes, hats and scarves, amber jewelry and iron items. I wanted to buy a lot of things, but we were on our way to play poker at a friends house and couldn’t pick up a bunch of stuff, so we just looked.

The city is rather small and when you go to an event like this you see people you know at every turn. Within a minute of showing up, I found Cody, who had been out since earlier in the day and we got some beers and decided to walk around. The winter brew was so delicious and the costumes at the booth really made the experience great. We found friends in the beer line, friends to our left and friends to our right. It is fun when it happens like that.

The music was Latvian folk and we watched the singing and dancing for a while. Afterwards we hooked up with our friend Ieva and headed to a favorite bar. Quite a fun day and boy are we loving this city!

IMG_3944 IMG_3945 IMG_3946 IMG_3947 IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3951 IMG_3954 IMG_3956

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