Art Nouveau All Around Us

We love where we live. In fact, that is the next i heart Riga post, but until then let me tell you one reason why. The city of Riga is covered with evidence of the art nouveau period and the area in which we live is famous for it. When we walk all around our neighborhood we come across tourists taking photos of the buildings all around. In fact, our building IS the last building listed in this article… how cool is that. You can take a walking tour to learn more, or you can just walk around with your eyes peeled and your neck craning your head to the sky, like we have been. A tour will come when things settle down, but for now, we are thankful for the interesting art we see all around us.

IMG_3736 IMG_3738 IMG_3739 IMG_3740 IMG_3741 IMG_3743 IMG_3744

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