Hiking at Pokaini

A few weekends ago our amazing principal Cal organized a hiking trip after our Saturday Open House BBQ. We packed up the car, bought some provisions, including the best chips in the world (Dill) and headed off. The drive through the country was beautiful. We saw castles, hot air balloons and some quaint country homes. We showed up, about 15 of us in all, visited the center and headed off.

At the visitors center we learned that this forrest is mystical. As the brochure states “there are many questions about this place, but few answers.” Supposedly the rocks have energy that they like to share. There are stones, big and small, collected into piles that no one can explain. “The attraction of the stones is probably that which cannot be seen, that which is perceived through he more delicate senses.”

It was great but “hike” is a stretch, especially since we call Latvia Flatvia. It looked a lot like Oregon with coniferous trees (smaller, but familiar), damp dark soil and mushrooms. The hike took a few hours and there was one hill. It was really a nice introduction to the Latvian country side.

IMG_3588 IMG_3592 IMG_3594 IMG_3597 IMG_3598 IMG_3613 IMG_3614 IMG_3618 IMG_3620 IMG_3621 IMG_3631 IMG_3637 IMG_3642 IMG_3651 IMG_3653 IMG_3654 IMG_3656

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