Our Final Tanzanian Road Trip 2: Udzungwa


We made our way to Hondo Hondo Camp at the foot of the Udzungwa forest.



The camp was charming but not well-kept up. Long grass with no paths was a little wet at times, especially for bathroom breaks. We went with the cheaper room and that might have been a bad idea.




We went for a nature/bird watching walk around the camp and the village near by.








Some lovely nature in our hotel room. Not the best surprise right before bed time.




First stop on the hike was the bottom of the water fall. Usually when the school trip happens, the water is running very low. It was great to see it in the spring.




The view from the top of the waterfall.



Even managed to watch a little football on the trip.

Overall Udzungwa was great. We spent two nights and most of our days just hiking and walking. We wouldn’t go back to Hondo Hondo unless we did the upscale room that has bathrooms and proper flooring. The hike was fantastic, only the water levels were so high that we were unable to take a dip at the top, or even take photos.  One to our next stop.

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