Our Final Tanzanian Road Trip 1: The Road

Our plan was to drive out from school on Friday through Bagamoyo, skipping the major Dar truck traffic and out to Morogoro for a quick night stay. The drive was fantastic. Quiet, beautiful, and relaxing. It helps that I get to skip my least favorite road in the world so far.

Road to Chalinze

We made it to Morogoro at night to a great hotel who we were surprised to find out it was owned by our co-worker’s boyfriend’s family. No discount applies.  Had a nice walk and some local barbecue, which I am already missing here in Latvia.  Quick to bed so we could have an early morning on the road through Mikumi National Park and on to Udzungwa!

We stopped a few times on the road through Mikumi to watch the animals and get some photos of the baboons versus truck drivers. Many are hit and killed as they hang out by the speed humps/bumps to eat anything that might bounce out.

Stand Off

The Stand Off

Off to Udzungwa Mountains.

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