Canary Islands

The next, Bego planned a trip to the volcano, Teide. I was designated the driver of her dad’s car and I nervously got in the manual car parked on a slope with her dad watching. I eased off the clutch and luckily the car didn’t stall even though I anticipated it since I had not driven in a while. We were off.

The drive was beautiful. The twisty paved roads were a cinch to drive on and every few kilometers Bego would have us pullover and look at something spectacular.

IMG_8712Walking around the lava beds near the top of the mountain. It looked just like a scene out of planet of the apes.

IMG_8703Checking out the geological explanation for La Piedra de la Rosa pictured below. It was pretty cool.





Here we were going up getting a view from the base of the volcano.


Right in with all of the lava beds.


On top of the mountain having a beer in the freezing cold.


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