Puerta de la Cruz

Our next stop was the island of Tenerife to visit with Bego’s family. Tenerife is the largest and most populated of the seven Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa. Bego and her dad were waiting with open arms when our plane touched down and from the first moments in the car I knew it was going to be a wonderful trip. As we drove along the coast the air was warm and crisp and the views reminded me of the coasts in Norther California and Oregon.

When we arrived in Puerto de la Cruz at her parents flat, a delicious lunch was waiting for us. It was homemade pallela and it was such a welcoming meal.


After lunch we strolled around the seaside city soaking in the sunshine and the sights. It was very similar to any coastal tourist town you would find all over the world. There was ice cream and fudge for sale, as well as postcards and towels and there were even street performers. Just a perfect respite from the cold weather in mainland Spain.





During our walk, we found a carnival in town and went to check it out. It was one of those parking lot jobs but the difference was that we were in Spain and it was right by the ocean. It was special.



After our walk we hit up a pretty popular local spot for dinner. I don’t remember the name of the place, but the meal was wonderful and the papas arrugadas were just as Bego promised, the best. What’s more, we ate a horse fish for dinner. Check out those teeth! We were off to a roaring start on the second leg of our holiday.


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