What is so great about Barcelona?

Why eating and drinking of course! So on our last day in Barcelona we said goodbye to Bego as she headed off for the Canary Islands and hit the town bright and early ready for our big day.  It was unbelievable for one reason and one reason only…. we did nothing but eat and drink all day! Yikes, we probably did put on about 3 kg in 24 hours, but you only live once. Here is the timeline of our time spent with David on our last day.

Breakfast: beer and bocadillos


Tea in a plaza


Pre-Lunch: Jamon, olives, croquettes, pan con tomateIMG_0017

and pimientos de padron (my favorite)IMG_0018

Lunch: Sandwiches and rose cava at Can Paixano (This place is a must!!! I was there during my first time in Spain and it is still just as wonderful.)IMG_0020


Post-Lunch: Sardines, more pimientos, salmon, pan con tomate, calamari, and prawns with some cava at a local upscale market.


Since we were a little full, we passed on this place.IMG_0030

Snack: Cookies and hot chocolate (look at my crazy face)IMG_0031

Pre-Dinner:Champagne, chips, sardines and manchego at El XampanyetIMG_0033



And when we left it was only 9:00… we were ready for dinner. Off to meet the vampire.

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