Park Güell

A must see stop in Barcelona is Park Güell. The park features a series of landscapes and architectural structures designed by Antoni Gaudí. The park was originally a housing site proposed for the wealthy elite of Barcelona, but after construction, people did not want to live there. The park has a few buildings within it and looking at them are just as impressive as the stone and tile work spattered throughout the park. Walking though the various landscapes you find yourself at peace and feel far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, although it is in fact quite close. While we were visiting, they were doing a lot of construction and we heard it was in preparation of the city charging a fee to enter the park. I am not sure if this is indeed going to happen, but even if there is a fee, I would encourage you to hike up the hill and spend time there. Even on a cloudy day like the one we had, you will find wonderful respite and beauty all around you.











5 thoughts on “Park Güell

  1. thanks for sharing your would travels although the hat Cody is wareing looks a bit larged and unwheeling HA ha
    love ya glad your have so much fun

  2. Oh Rorey, you are SO lucky to be traveling to all these fabulous places. It is one of my dreams to go there and see Gaudi’s amazing work. The mosaics are extraordinary!

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