Christmas Markets in Spain

I know he doesn’t look amused, but on the contrary… he is most amused because we were in a Spanish Holiday Market.IMG_8622

All over Spain, in almost every plaza there would pop-up a Christmas Market. They brought holiday cheer to our traveling hearts, but we found ourselves spending more time in these markets than expected due to some pretty bizarre Spanish holiday traditions. First, the Nativity Pooper is very popular. The Caganer, as he is called, is found in most nativity scenes and it has become a little game of who can first spot the pooper. Also, as entrepreneurs do, the typical Caganer figure has turned into any public figure you can imagine with their pants down and a pile of poop behind them. We saw Obama, Spongebob, The Pope, Smurfette and many, many  more.



Then, they have another tradition, oddly enough, also related to pooping. El caga tio is a defecating log. Children take turns beating the log with a stick and out poops candy and other sweet treats. But don’t worry, at the end of the whipping, the log is still wearing it’s Santa hat and has a smile on his face. El caga tio was a hit with us. So much that we bought one to add to our Christmas decorations.



And it was not just markets, we saw so many entertaining holiday sights around every corner. Santa was hanging from a noose and there was even a large fiberglass man eating children and pooping them out too (yeah, not too sure about this one because I can’t find a photo, but it sure was awesome!)


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