La Sagrada Familia… 10 Years Later

I anticipated a lot of progress since I last visited, but I was a tad disappointed to see that, as I remember it, not much progress was made. I guess that is what happens when you continue to build someones life work with no plans and no money. A quick wiki search taught me that the anticipated completion date is 2026 and some of the hardest work will be coming up in the final years. It is a magnificent building and it is really cool to return to Barcelona after a decade and see the progression. Hopefully I will get to go back in another 10 years and see where they are on the construction.




We did not go inside, the price was fairly steep, but a quick walk around and bam… we were smack in the middle of a tour, and in English to boot! It was interesting listening to the man share information about the building. We were standing in front of the Passion Façade and seeing the representation of Jesus during the crucifixion. The guide would turn our attention to a specific carving and explain who it represented and what the biblical scene was showing. The carvings on the Passion Façade were very angular and simple in contrast to the detail and complex stonework of the other façades.


If you are in Barcelona, go. And if I were to do it again, I would go inside and check it out. On my last visit I fondly remember climbing up one of the towers and being amazed at the detail inside of the building too. There is always next time!



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