La Boquería

David and Bego were such great hosts and they knew exactly where to take us, La Boquería. So this post will go in reverse. We ended our meal with Cody at the meat counter and me at the candy counter. If you know us at all,  you know that these two spots were just perfect. Cody was trying to choke back his amazement at all the meat and I was ogling the candy selection in awe. We each bought a modest treat and went on our way.





After lunch we decided what to do next and walking around was just the thing to settle our full bellies. There were fruit cups, exotic meats and cheeses, pastries and plenty to look at. Bego even carried the skateboard so that Cody could fully attend to the market.



So, this was lunch at a popular bar within the market. Estrella beer (either plain or with lemon Fanta in it which is called a Clara and so delicious), blood sausage, pimientos de padron (fried peppers with salt, one of my favorite dishes of the country), cuttlefish, olives, muscles and mushrooms. The bar was really busy and people were searching for a seat all around us. Lucky for us Bego Badger spied a group leaving and swooped in. A great stop for any Barcelona traveler and I highly recommend a visit.




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