Barcelona vs. Athletico Madrid

First night in town we went to a Barca game against Athletico Madrid. We bundled up and headed out on our own to find the stadium. It was easy to find  once off the metro because we just followed the hoards of fans walking toward the stadium. About 2 blocks out, we got a good glimpse of the enormity of the complex. It is truly a huge place. After a while, we finally found our gate. The buzz and excitement were building. First thing first, we grabbed a tortilla (bread and egg/potato or bread and meat) and grumbled that they didn’t serve beer. Our food was purchased, now to find our seats. Cody purchased the tickets for us. I was in shock and awe as we walked to the first level, right close to the field and sat down. What a surprise and what a view!

The flags waved, the crowed sang at just the right times, and no one moved, blinked or took a breath during the action. It was so different from watching a sporting event in the US. No one was talking, getting up to pee, moving around, leaving for food or taking a phone call… all eyes were peeled… the entire game! It was incredible.

All in all, it was a great game. Mesi scored two goals, Puyol waved his caveman hair around, and Barca won. A pretty normal game for Barcelona if you ask me, except, we were there for the action. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks Cody!






2 thoughts on “Barcelona vs. Athletico Madrid

    • It really was great. There was a game here last week at the National Stadium. We couldn’t go because we had plans already, but if you come out, we should go see a game. It will be nothing like Barcelona, but it will still be fun!

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