Amazing Food from Can Roca

Here are some pictures from our visit. They did not come out clear because we were trying to be sneaky with the camera and we were using our iPod touch.


Little bites from around the world. The one from Japan was amazing and the Morocco one was lovely too.


Caramel olives stuffed with anchovies on a real olive tree. Not my favorite combination of flavors but the presentation was creative.




One of my favorite dishes was the asparagus ice cream with black truffles served on a frozen slate. I strayed from my non-dairy diet for this occasion and it paid off… creamy goodness.


This was prawns 4 ways. I had difficulty eating the prawn legs, but I managed. Actually though, the kelp ball was the best part.


This was fish with potato gnocchi three ways. The fish was a little too mush for my taste, but the gnocchi was wonderful. I wish I had a solo plate of all three of them, especially the saffron orange.


Dessert included a candy apple filled with apple foam on top of cotton candy. Yum!



In addition to some other dessert treats, also a treat wagon, just like Willy Wonka (minus the purple suit and hat.)





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