El Celler de Can Roca…

was amazing!!! Believe it or not, I was talked into going to a super fancy restaurant (Actually, the second best restaurant in the world.) About three weeks before our trip, I get an email from David. It is not addressed to either Bego or Cody. The title was “Should we go?” Go where, I thought to myself, to the beach or to Luka’s for some chips? Nope, David wanted to know if we wanted to go to the second best restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca.

Now, keep in mind he did not send this to Cody. Why you may ask? Well David knows it is I who has an obsession with Ferran Adria, who will watch multiple seasons of Top Chef in all one sitting, and who reads chef biographies like a freak (even this one about Gail Simmons.)  Leaving Cody out of the conversation was no mistake. Sneaky David.

So after some discussion with our partners, we decided to give it a go!

It was an experience like no other. Yes, it was expensive, but would I go again? In a heart beat! But is it going to be a one time thing? Almost certainly and with that thought in my head… I documented every moment of the day.

We took the train up to Girona and got a tour of the town with David’s sister. It was a great little town and worth checking out if you have time before or after a meal.


Then we took a taxi to the restaurant and were ready for a wild time. They hung up our jackets and served us a glass of cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and eagerly browsed the menu. We had to decide which meal we were going to have (they have two options, a short and long tasting menu) and since you only live once, we splurged for the whole shebang.


Then we were handed the wine list…. or should I say bible. No joke, the was one of them….


and this was the other…. yikes, this was the first moment of feeling like an imposter. We settled in quite well though, and managed to not make a fool of ourselves too much (except when David asked the chef, on his way to use the restroom, where it was, not realizing until about 10 seconds later who it was.)


The meal was superb. We ate the most amazing creations and the creativity was inspiring. I will post pictures of some of the food in the next post.

From the pictures at the end of the meal though, you can tell we had a nice time.





And there was even room to smile for the camera as we waited for the train back to Barcelona!


2 thoughts on “El Celler de Can Roca…

  1. OHHHHH, I meant to check out this town when I was in Barcelona in September. I don’t think I remember hearing about that restaurant, only the quaintness of the town. Sorry I missed it. I look forward to seeing the photos you will post. The tray of goodies at the end of your meal look impressive enough!!!

    • It was wonderful! The town is really beautiful. There is a huge cathedral and small narrow streets everywhere you turn. The green space and the hill make the views stunning. Joyce, this just means you will have to go back. BTW, when are you coming on a Tanzanian safari? There is always Zanzibar too!

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