Girona, Spain

Over the winter holiday, we were lucky enough to travel to Spain with our close friends David and Bego. It was lovely of them and their families to host us and we had such an amazing time. We flew into Barcelona and were ready to explore. More about Barcelona later (when I get the photos from Cody) but on the second day, we took the train to Girona. David convinced us to splurge on a special event (more on that later too) and we got to tour the town with his sister, who works there, before the amazing event. Can anyone do any sleuthing and figure out why we were in Girona? What could the splurge be?

The town of Girona is in the northeast of Catalonia. It was a crisp day and we took a walking tour. The cathedrals and old buildings were amazing. This was Cody’s first glimpse of why I love Europe. There is so much history there and it takes you back in time when you see the buildings. I have to send a big thank-you out to David’s sister for showing us around! Girona is definitely a nice place to visit if you have a day.








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