Mweni Farm Hike

On the first day we when hiking with a guide from a neighboring town. We walked through little villages and said “jambo” to all of the smiling faces that greeted us. We walked up to a peak that overlooked the surrounding area. It was beautiful on top of the mountain.

After spending some quality time resting and enjoying the view, we headed back down to a local farm for lunch. The table was set and the food was ready when we arrived. It was simple but delicious; vegetable and cheese sandwiches, fruit and homemade juice.

On the way down the mountain I spotted a chameleon Supposedly they are very hard to spot, but my eagle eyes spotted a total of three the entire day. Jeff wanted to pick it up, but boy there was a good fight between Jeff and the chameleon’s muscle-man toes. The little bugger would not budge. We were laughing so hard. After about 5 minutes, he gave up and continued back down. We ended our nice 10k hike with a beer at a local pub and headed back to camp for some relaxation.

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