We Have IN-TER-NET!!!

So… as many of you know, mama came and went. I am sure that many of you have heard many stories about her travels but I promise to share some here soon because… we have the INTERNET!!!!

Yes, Cody and I are no longer living in the dark ages. Keep your fingers crossed, but it looks like we are going to be able to skype, blog, upload photos, send emails and much, much more now that we have new internet service. We signed up yesterday, and so far, so good. Stay tuned…. but now all we need is our camera charger!

One thought on “We Have IN-TER-NET!!!

  1. What? I get no credit for sharing my secret with you? 🙂 Just kidding… I hope you enjoy. I have trouble staying within my 10GB limit, to be honest… seem to burn through it like paper money. Enjoy your high speed surfing.

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