Out of the Car in the Serengeti

So, you haven’t really been in the Serengeti unless you have been in the Serengeti sans car. On our last day, we are driving up to a group of rocks and our guide is showing us some cool rock paintings done by Masai eons ago and he says, “Hey, we can get out of the car and walk around…. do you want to?” And everyone promptly replies, “No thanks” except for me (at least that is how I remember it.) So I am getting my shoes on and another tour drives up. The guides talk and it is decided that you can no longer get out and walk around… too dangerous, so we get going again, thrilled that we saw that other driver and that we were not eaten by lions. I was relieved.

About a half an hour later, we come to some other rocks sticking out of the surrounding plains, and the driver parks and gets out. “Let’s go climb,” he exclaims through his gaped tooth smile. We look at him like he just drank some crazy juice, even me, and yet, he convinces us that it is safe and we bound out of the car with barely our shoes tied. You see, when one person gets out and starts going up, you do not want to be the straggler. Power in numbers maybe? But to make this story even more frightening, remember that it was rock formations just like these that we sought out to find lions just a day or so before. And this is what we saw in our minds as we were approaching the bushy entrance to the path.

Lion, rocks, bushes….

But we gathered our courage, just like the cowardly lion that we were bound to avoid, and headed up the rock. By the time we got up there, after racing not only with our feet but our hearts too, the view was stunning. We hung out up there for a while and then headed back down to the safety of the car, untouched and completely safe. Phew!

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