Ngorongoro Crater

From Serengeti we traveled to the Ngorongoro Crater. It was a lovely time but we had to move on although I could have explored the huge park for another 3-4 days. The drive to the crater was long and by the time we got there, it was late afternoon and time to go to the lodge.The Ngorongoro Crater Sopa Lodge is stunning. I hope to get there sometime in the near future (hint, hint… visitors?)

The building is beautiful as well as the grounds, but hands down, the view is to die for. You get the view of the entire rim of the crater. It reminded me a lot of Crater Lake in Oregon, my home state in the US. As soon as we checked-in, we headed to the room to drop our bags and then immediately went back to the lodge to take advantage of the remaining sunlight. The view was so amazing and it got us pumped up to descend into the crater in the morning.

After taking some photos, we found some chairs outside to get a beer and some snacks before dinner. Sitting out in the quiet, crisp air eating some complementary munchies while sipping a cold beer was the perfect way to relax after the long drive.

After that, we headed in to take a rest before dinner. At dinner, the waiters were attentive and friendly and the food was fairly good. Each night the lodge has a performance and we were luckily enough to catch the Staff Choir performing one of our favorite songs (well, actually it is one of our least favorite songs, but it is a really long story.) Take a listen. I am sure you will actually like it.

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