Last Day in Serengeti

After another restful night, we were ready to head out for one last day. We were really geared up and in anticipation of what we would see. On our way out, we were greeted by some twigas in the same place we found them a day earlier.


They must love the acacia trees around that area. There are many different types of acacia. Some are look like bushes and others like full-grown trees. The tree that you probably think of when you envision going on safari is an acacia. They are the ones that are all trunk and branches climbing up toward the sky with a covering of leaves at the very top. Little can you tell, many are actually covered with barbed spikes and are the favorite food of a few safari animals. The ones with the barbs and spikes they call the whistle tree, because the spikes cause the blowing wind to whistle as it blows past the branches.

After seeing the twigas so close, Bego and Cody were geared up for an exciting day. Actually, we all got in the spirit.




Since we had just spent the last safari moments from the day before viewing lions, they were no longer at the top of the list, but lucky for us, they are amazing, even if you’ve seen them just the day before. After we left the twigas, we were heading out to another corner of the park and as we drove by someone yelled “LIONS!” Sure enough, we could have easily passed them if it weren’t for that ear-piercing yell. Two brothers were just laying right next to the side of the road, sleeping. Amazing!

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