Lions, Cubs and a House Cat

After picking up David and Bego, our group headed out for another morning safari. We saw many different animals, but for some reason, I only took photos of the bones that were on display at lunch time. They were really cool to look at and so incredibly huge.



These little guys were running around at our feet scavenging for some food while we our lunches. I know they are pretty cute, and if you don’t know much about hyraxes, you can learn more information here on wiki. They were so fat that I was surprised that they were able to get up onto the ledge to find some shade.


Our mission of the afternoon was to see some lions and we saw them for sure. At first, we had to go searching for them a bit and our driver really crafty about locating them. He drove us up to some rock mounds and had us search around the tops of the cliffs. Low and behold, as we passed, I spotted one right there basking in the sun. She was very sleepy and we were too far to even stir her. Lions can’t really be bothered anyhow. So we looked from afar and moved on.


As we headed back, trying to beat the rain, up popped a cream colored head and Bego yelled for us to stop. There was a lion in the grass just about to stand up. We waited and all of a sudden, up popped more. They kept standing, strolling and laying back down. We watched for about 10 minutes, then we realized that there were many; it was a whole family. The cubs kept frolicking and wrestling and the adults kept relaxing. Then crept one with a tracking collar on. It looked just like a house cat, but the closer it got, the more reality set in; lions are no animal to mess with. They are so confident and know they rule the entire animal kingdom that they just strolled closer to the vehicle, cubs and all.

After being there for about 15 minutes, undisturbed by another traveling group, some people spotted us stopped. That is the universal signal to let other groups know that you have found something interesting. They raced over to joined us and a few more vehicles tagged along. By that time, the lions had strolled right up to the car, weaving slowly back and fourth across the road. It was such an awesome experience!

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