Morning Drive

After sleeping soundly in our wonderful room at Serengeti Sopa Lodge, we woke early, had breakfast and headed our for a morning game drive. It was just the two of us since Bego and David had opted to take the hot air balloon ride fully loaded with a proper English Breakfast out in the bush. From what they said after we picked them up, it was spectacular, but that will have to stay on our bucket list for a few more years.

The air was cold and fresh, so we bundled up and headed out before the sun had fully risen over the mountains. We were greeted by warthogs, giraffes, zebras, hippos and many other animals. My favorite was the jackal, but we did not get a good photo that morning. Jackals are so tiny and cute; it was a lot smaller than I had expected and we got to see them up close because they are not as skittish and scared as other animals.

It was a great morning and then we headed out to pick up David and Bego. The mission of the day was to find some lions…. stay tuned to see how it turned out.

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