Munnar- Tea Country

Over the December holiday in India, we traveled from Fort Cochin, to Munnar. This part of Kerala is such a vastly different landscape than I anticipated for India. As our driver climbed higher and higher, zooming around blind corners on a two lane road the size of a one lane road in the US, we got to see the stunning sights. Everything was green and lush and the hillsides were very steep.

Munnar Landscape

Foggy Munnar Hills

The weather was quite cool and we were glad that we purchased some hoodies and sweaters in Mangalor on our shopping spree. It would get foggy around 3:00 p.m. every day and as soon as the sun set, we froze our little butts off. The surrounding hills were beautiful though, so the cold really had no effect on our enjoyment, in fact, I am sure Cody loved it.

The place we stayed at was nice and out of the way. We had to drive on one lane twisty, windy roads to find it and thankfully we had a driver to help us. The room had a sitting area, small kitchenette, two bathrooms and a balcony.Unfortunately I do not remember the name, but there are a ton of places just like this tucked away in the hills surrounding Munnar. It is definitely a place to check-out if you are in Kerala.

Munnar Lodge

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