Why Are There Goats and Chickens Right Outside Our House?

In my classroom, we are currently doing a unit in grade 3 about heroes. We have had an opportunity over the past month to become local heroes by donating clothing, food and household goods to flood victims. Now, we have our second opportunity to become a local hero!

At school, the campus has started our annual “Read to Feed” program. For the last several years, IST has been working closely with the Heifer International non-profit organization to help raise the standard of living for many families in our community. For more information on Heifer International check out: www.heifer.org. (Also, if you are one of our readers from overseas, think about going to the website and making a donation. They are a great organization!)

“Read to Feed” was developed to promote literacy while giving students a way to set off a chain of positive change around the world. Children ask reading sponsors to help them raise money to buy gifts of livestock for impoverished families. Our IST donations go directly to the Tanzanian branch of Heifer. The organization then provides a “living loan” of an animal and the training needed to take care of it. Each family that is given a “living loan” repays the loan by passing on one or more of their gift animal’s offspring to another family in need….and so on.

So, two days ago, the animals were delivered. We have two black goats, a rooster and a chicken living right outside our block. And believe it or not, the goats are not even tied up! Lucky me!

I am calling on my friends and family overseas to help. If you can, go to the website and make a donation. Be sure to send me a reply so that I can share it with my students. Another option is to sponsor me per book, per page or per night I read. I am going to do the “Read to Feed” activity right along with my students so all you have to do is send me an email. We will figure out a way to get the money here someway, somehow.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”
~Mother Teresa

3 thoughts on “Why Are There Goats and Chickens Right Outside Our House?

  1. Thanks Deb. It is so nice to hear people reply to posts on the blog. We really are enjoying it here, but are also anxious to come home for the summer and see everyone. Thanks for the donation for Heifer International. They are great and I am really trying to spread the word. It would be great, if you just made a donation on-line with them with thoughts of us. See you in the summer!

  2. Rory and Cody,
    WOW, what a rich and wonderful life you lead. Love your photos, stories and your giving spirit. I know of Heifer International and would be interested in getting you all $50.00. Let me know how.
    Deb (Micah’s mom)

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