First Day In India: Mumbai to Goa

After arriving in Mumbai and getting a few hours of sleep at a cheap but decent hotel, we headed out into the haze morning air to go find some train tickets. In hindsight, for some stupid reason, we had not planned much of our trip. This meant that we were headed to the train station to try to find tickets, during winter break, to the most popular holiday destination in western India… Goa. Our plan was to get train tickets from Mumbai all that way to Kerala through Goa, but it did not work out that way. After an entire 5 hours of hopping from one train station to another to find the tourist line in the right train station to get tickets, we found out they were all booked until Christmas day. This meant that unless we wanted to wait to get to our first planned destination until five days into our 16 day trip, we had to find another way.

I was tired, hungry and hot. Our fifteen minute to walk to get train tickets in the morning turned into a six-hour escapade, so I headed back to the hotel to get lunch and rest. Luckily, Cody was up for more, so he went out and acquired some bus tickets on an overnight coach that left at 9 pm. We decided to make the best of it, so we rested, ate dinner and headed out to the station. The bus was lovely. Comfortable, quiet, warm and spacious. They even showed a Bollywood movie that we really got a kick out of.

Once in Goa, it was a little of the same, just on another day. Arrived in the am. Headed to about 4 travel agents to try to get train tickets, took a local bus out to the train station 10 km away only to find that there, yet again, all of the tickets were sold out. Well, that meant that another bus was in order. We booked another set of overnight tickets and headed out to make the best of another wasted day.

The small town in Goa offered a wonderful meal and a beer, a great 5 square block market and some cards at a local watering hole. The only photo I took in two days in India was a picture of the back of Cody’s head. It was just one of those days… actually two of those days. Exhausting, frustrating and yet, completely fun thanks to a great traveling partner.

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