Happy New Year to Me!

I received this email while we were in India and was so surprised to find it. It was a letter I had written to myself using the cool site futureme.org during our time in Bangkok at the beginning of 2011. Did I remember that I had written it? No. But it was so amazing and reflective that I wanted to share it. Write a letter to yourself and see what happens in the future. PS. God I love technology!

Dear FutureMe,

I am sitting in the hotel room in Bangkok after just two days ago signing our contract to move to Tanzania. I know right now you might be asking yourself “what were you thinking?” but I hope that is not the case.

Remember the couple Chip and Judy who had Tanzania as their first choice? Remember the hugs you got from David when you told him that you were going to sign the contract? Remember how excited Tony H. was for both of you? Remember talking to Kathy and Rick about this amazing experience? And most of all, remember talking to Cody about making a life of this and sharing many life goals and ambitions.

You were in Bangkok because you wanted this, and I hope that is is everything you wanted it to be and more. You went on Safari, broke into the general education field, probably have some awesome upper graders and have met some cool friends.

Have you missed family and friends terribly, been eaten by mosquitoes, cried a little, had some power outages or water shortages, forgotten important things at home, missed Taco Bell and chex mix and roti channi, or questioned what you are doing?

When you get discouraged, remember all of the positive things and keep your head up. Call a friend on skype, go work out, talk to Cody, cook something, read a book or even write your future self a letter on futureme.org.

Just know that there is definitely one person proud of all that you have done and had the strength to do…me!

Here’s to one more fantastic year!

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