Returning From India

As some of you may know, we spent the past two weeks or so in India. It was a wonderful and magical trip. There were so many highlights and so many things to share.

Kerala Backwaters

Today has been a tornado of unpacking, cleaning up after the Dar es Salaam flood (more to come on that later) and getting our lives back together before school starts. Cody is already napping and I am getting ready to delve into our journal and photos to put some posts together, but wanted to share some things before I start the daunting task of uploading a ton of photos to share given our internet situation.

Things about India that were totally surprising:

  • Everyone is friendly and helpful for the sake of being friendly and helpful. They really do not want something from you other than to be a kind human being.
  • Lots of people speak English from young children to older adults. There are very few travel challenges due to language.
  • Caucasians are often attractions. There will be more on this later but it involves lots of giggling, cameras and Cody replying “sure.”
  • People drive crazy here and this is considering all of the other crazy driving countries I have lived or traveled in. Mom, you can never go to India…. ever.
  • You often have to pay to use your camera. The fee is nominal and they typically post a sign stating this. It is not a big deal, just different from other places I have been.
  • Families do lots of things in public together. These include the mother and father with their children.
  • Many people are Christians and we visited quite a few churches. (I got lots of photos in memory of my Aunt Frannie.)
  • Everything smells delicious. There are aromas that please the nose at every turn. These delightful odors sneak up on you from a variety of sources including oils worn by locals, street food, crops of spices on the side of the road or the incense seeping out onto the street.
  • You often have to pay for the toilet and don’t forget to bring your own tissue.
  • Alcohol is not readily available and women rarely drink in public.
  • In cheap hotels, hot water showers are like three-horned purple unicorns… non-existent.
  • While traveling in India, you can easily escape the crowds which was my biggest deterrent for traveling to India. It is truly not a concern if you plan the right trip.
  • Train tickets are hard to come by during the holidays.
  • Indian locals travel all over their own country as tourists (see above.)
  • The country is beautiful and the landscape varies drastically.
  • I loved it and cant wait to go back.

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