Dhow Boat Snorkeling Trip

While relaxing in Kendwa, we figured we should go out and see some of the spectacular sights. There were men approaching us constantly to take tours, and we found this to be kind of fun because it gave us a chance to practice our Kiswahili.

View From the Dhow

Snorkel Masters

Our group decided on taking a dhow boat to a little island off the coast of Zanzibar to go snorkeling. The day was sunny and beautiful and the price is right, so we booked it and hopped on board. The ride out was quick and the captain used the motor. After suiting up, and hopping in the water, we took a look around.

The snorkeling was good, but not spectacular. We got to see some cool smaller fish, and Cody and I spend about 10 minutes watching a baby clown fish hang out in an anemone. We also spied some puffer fish. I held back the temptation to scare it, since I remember what Jess and Jeff taught me back in the days of owning a salt water aquarium. You may not know this, but evidentially, when they “puff” it puts stress on their little bodies. With that said, we watched it from afar and checked out all of the other cool things under the water.

Catching a Ride to Lunch

After snorkeling, we hopped back on the boat and headed to a private beach for a fresh cooked lunch of fish, rice, vegetables and fruit. It was quite good for cooking on the side of the shore.

Zanzibar Lighthouse


Fast Approaching Boat

The Boat Passing Us

Then we hopped back on the boat and hunkered in for the long ride back. We did not know it at the time, but we were in for a long, long sailing journey since they did not use the engine. It was odd, because since the trip is popular, there were a lot of dhow boats out there. I would see one catching up to us, and pass us quickly without even using their engine. I guess we just had some bad wind. It was not all bad though; at one point on the horizon, I spotted 72 boats! The sight was beautiful.

Spectacular Dhow Boats

Dhow Boats on the Horizon

It is a trip I would recommend. The price was very affordable, the water and island are beautiful, and it was cool to ride in a dhow boat. We even befriended some fellow teachers working at an international school in Moshi, Tanzania. It was cool getting a different perspective on life as an expat in another area of the country. Overall, the day trip is just one more reason to go to Zanzibar!

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