Kendwa Rocks

No that is not where we stayed, but yes, Kendwa does rock. We stayed next to the place called Kendwa Rocks and had a rocking good time ourselves. Our safe arrival after the flat tire lead to some early afternoon beach celebration time. First, we put checked in and checked out our rooms. The rooms were beautiful and right down the hill by the beach. If you do stay here, I would recommend paying a little extra for the deluxe rooms right on the beach. They were lovely.

Mozzie Nets are so Romantic

Next, we suited up and headed outside to check out the beach. With beautiful white sand, blue water and a beach bar nearly 50 yards away, there was nothing to complain about.

While we were in Kendwa, we went on a dhow boat sunset cruise. The weather was touch and go, but we decided to go for it. The reward was ours when we found out we were the only ones on the boat due to the weather.

Kendwa Beach

View from the Boat

Watching the Sail Being Raised

Cold Me

That evening, we learned a great Spanish card game called escoba. One evening, while playing, we ordered some dessert. As soon as the banana pancake was placed on our table, I noticed something strange. An avocado. It was interesting, but fantastic. Maybe it is something I will bring back with me… banana’s and avocados.



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