Eventful Drive to Kendwa

On the drive to our next destination we got to see some of the beautiful country side. I was thrilled that there were mules and goats and cows and horses and chickens along every turn. I really think I was a farmer in a past life because my love of farm animals is unnatural.

Manual Labor

On the way to Kendwa our van got a flat tire. The road seemed to chew up the entire tire into a hundred shredded pieces. Luckily we were able to stop safely on the empty road and change it without a hitch. There were a few houses by the side of the road and we turned into the main attraction for the day. All of the children and women came out to see what was going on. As our driver changed the tire, we got to practice our Kiswahili and you won’t believe how the locals responded. There were screams, screeches, giggles and a few children ran away yelling. I think it was a positive reaction though because there were lots of smiles.

Villagers Posing for a Picture

Some highlights of the experience were the rogue chickens trying to eat the drying grains while everyone had their backs turned, the large knives that the little girls were holding, and all of the smiles we got. It could have been much worse with a flat tire in some other foreign country.

2 thoughts on “Eventful Drive to Kendwa

  1. When I was there I bought beautiful children’s clothes as well as some for myself & my sister. Please tell me how I can see some pictures and buy some on line. Thanks. Joan edgerton

    • Hi Joan,

      I would check out a shop called Upendo. They have a facebook page and you can contact them through it. Thanks for reading!


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