David’s Birthday

Thursday at 2:45 Girl Scouts ended, and at 2:46 I was walking across the field toward home to change, pick-up my bag and meet Cody and our traveling partners David and Bego. It happened to be David’s Birthday so we were eager to get on the road and start celebrating.

Birthday Celebration at the Airport

A short taxi ride later and we were at the airport waiting for our small puddle jumper to take us 20 minutes across the Indian Ocean. I got to sit in the front next to the pilot and be a silent co-pilot. I only had one slight mishap as co-pilot. I crossed my legs which did not allow him to pull back on the steering wheel to get us off the ground. Quickly I uncrossed my legs and pulled them tightly to me so I would not impede any further actions taken by the expert.

The plane landed safely with no help from me, hopped in a taxi that Mr. Zanzibar had waiting for us and went in search of the hotel. We found it, dropped our bags off and went to dinner. The restaurant was lovely and right on the water, although it was too dark to see the scenery. Afterwards, David found us a popular place to go get some drinks called Livingston Restaurant & Bar. It was a fun night filled with drinks, dancing and some lovely entertainment provided by a very drunk solo-dancer. Pole in Kiswahili is pronounced po-lay and means sorry, so we named him the “pole dancer” due to his sorry moves and sorry state of being.

During the evening, we learned two Spanish Birthday traditions. First, if it is your Birthday and you are from Spain, you pick up the tab. This was quite a shock for Cody and I who tried to pay for dinner, since it is our American tradition to treat the person having the Birthday. These two traditions are in direct opposition, but David insisted since it was his Birthday and he is from Spain.

The second tradition was fun to learn about and I think that Cody and I will bring it back to the US with us. When it is your Birthday in Spain, everyone who is around you gets to pull your ear lobes. One pull equals one year of life. I will not mention how many times we pulled on David’s ear lobes, but I can guess that after the three of us, they must have been pretty sore.

Spanish Birthday Tradition

We closed the night with a late-night Zanzibar burger and a short walk home. I would not really recommend the burger, not because I don’t even eat beef, but because the boys both tried it, said it was awful. Pole sana…

Try It Cody, It Is Tasty

All in all, it was a great night and an excellent start to our holiday!

Happy Birthday to David!

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