Internet is Up and Running

The internet is better and just in time to share our 10 day trip to Zanzibar. Hopefully the next many posts will convince our families and readers to come to this wonderful country. Yes, living in Tanzania comes with challenges, but it has so many rewards.

Karibu From Us

Some include…

  • amazingly friendly local people of Dar and all other places we have already traveled to
  • wonderful sunny weather that is not only hot, but comes with seasons
  • beautiful beaches and water within walking
  • full holiday vacations only 40 minutes away
  • small villages to visit
  • farm animals at almost every turn
  • spunky and rhythmic local music
  • energetic and enthusiastic dance partners
  • a shopping mall and many grocery stores full of most needed amenities
  • an adequate two-screen movie theater
  • brilliant and colorful fabrics everywhere you look
  • afternoon drinks on the beach
  • tasty local barbequed chicken, lamb and beef
  • tons of fresh veggies
  • ripe and sweet tropical fruit
  • our reliable and generous driver Justin
  • our Kiswahili teacher, Mama J
  • and friends, friends, friends

So if this and the next many posts do not convince you all that Tanzania is not a fantastic, wonderful and safe place to visit, I guess I need to work a lot harder on this here little blog.

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