The Twiga Way

Giraffe in Kiswahili is twiga. Our IST mascot is the twiga and it was fitting that the first animal we saw on safari was the giraffe. Not only that, it was really the only animal we got really, really close to.


Giraffes are really cool animals. At school, we teach The Twiga Way. It is a way of being reflected through characteristics of our mascot. The Twiga Way is a prosocial character education program.  The idea is to draw comparisons between giraffe (twiga) characteristics and prosocial human traits. Giraffes have:

  • large hearts
  • long necks
  • strong legs for running long distances
  • a helpful, not harmful demeanor
  • their own unique pattern of spots

As Human Twigas at IST, we:

  • have big hearts and care for each other
  • stick our necks out and stand up for our friends
  • keep trying and don’t give up
  • make things better by helping (using our eyes and ears to think about how we can help)
  • are unique because we come in different colors, sizes, ages, personalities, and interests.

It is a pretty cool concept and I am excited to be teaching The Twiga Way!

2 thoughts on “The Twiga Way

  1. Sounds great! And they can all be turned into profile words. 🙂 Hope you’re doing great! What great safari pictures!

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