Of on Safari

Up bright and early, we are ready for our first safari to Mukami National Park. We got the presentation about what to bring (bug spray, camera batteries, binoculars and a sense of humor… as this is needed while traveling throughout Africa), what to expect (animals and lots of them) and what not to do (run if you see a lion, get to close to the edge of the hippo pool, ect.) Sounds like we are ready huh?

We were told the “lions are out in full force right now,” which I did not think was a good thing, but as it turns out, it is. Also, the honey badgers have been known to sneak in to the bar and get drunk on red wine. I heard nothing about whiskey, so I should be fine.

from badassoftheweek.com (and it will be if I see it with a bottle of merlot)

Wish us luck and be assured that we know what to do when we encounter a lion. We are supposed resist the desire to run, to look it in the eye (the most important thing) and back slowly away. Yea right…. I will be peeing my pants and praying to as many gods as I can think of. Go Tanzania!

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