Dar… Home Sweet Home

After a 35 hour journey that I would not recommend to anyone, we have arrived at our new home. So far so good! Our two bedroom apartment is on the International School of Tanganyika primary school campus right across the field from the classroom buildings. We have all of the amenities and it is better than I anticipated. Check it out…

Dining Room to Left of Entrance

Samll and Cozy Kitchen

Living Room to Right of the Entrance

Bedroom One


So as you can see, we are fully equipped to host anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to venture to Tanzania. Over the next few posts, I plan on convincing you fully to visit this already amazing and welcoming country. I look forward to greeting you with “karibu sana.”

6 thoughts on “Dar… Home Sweet Home

    • Thanks Dad. The kids start on August 9th. I will be sure to let everyone know all about it. Safari this weekend! I will post pictures soon. Love you!

  1. You don’t need to convince me to visit. I was planning on a trip to Africa this summer, but the new job changed that. I’m still planning on making it there!

    • Lyle, we can’t wait for you to get here. And I also can’t wait to here about your new job. Let’s skype soon. All the best.

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