Goodbye Portland, Hello Dar

This past Sunday, we had our Portland going away party. Although it was rainy, many people came over to say goodbye one more time for one more adventure. It was so nice to see everyone before leaving for our next destination.

The Alton Family

The Alton Men

Me and Papa

The Boothman Family

Casey and the Nieces

Jade, Liam and Chris

After the party, we headed out to the Alibi for some kicking Karaoke. It was a very lucky night and so much fun. There were many solos, duets and karaoke virgins hitting up the stage. Everyone was great and got the crowd on their feet dancing.

Karaoke Gang

Me, Sam and Chris

Dave and Blake

Cody and Alex

Margie, Casey and Cody

Thanks again to everyone who came out. As we leave today for Tanzania, we will think of all of you often. Luckily, we have all of our wonderful summer memories to take with us.


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