Going Away Party in KL

Over the past two years, Cody and I were so lucky to make so many life long friends. Everyone we met was so welcoming and open. They really are our family away from home.

We were lucky enough to have Jessica and Jacob in town for the party and they got to meet everyone.We headed back to Casbah for a great evening.

Today is our going away party in Portland for Tanzania. I figured I would get these up before the photos from today’s party. Better late than never.

Our TLC Family

My Malaysian Mom, Sally, with Her Daughter Pam (left) and Our Friend Kuan

Our Stylist Family

Ash, Popo and Cody

My Pool Uncle, Sanjay

Cody and Elaine

Rose and Pam

Jess and Cody

Going Away Shots

The Gang

The Boys



End of the Night Celebration

We love and miss you guys! Hope everyone is health, happy and prospering in KL and know that we are thinking of you.


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