Sight Seeing with Jasper’s Family

Ah, we leave for Africa in 20 days and unfortunately, I still have a few posts from Malaysia. Not sure, but this may be the busiest summer to date, so please hang with me and my tardiness.

As many of you know, the best thing about teaching in Malaysia were the children and families we were helping. When we headed back to KL from Bali, Jess and Jacob came with us to spend some more time before going back to Oregon.

When one of my families heard that my sister and her friend were here, they volunteered to take us around sightseeing. This was not only very generous but so helpful since we had already sold our car and had to rely on the unreliable taxi’s in KL.

First we went to the National War Monument. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sights were spectacular.

Malaysian War Monument

Malaysian War Monument

Malaysian War Monument

Malaysian War Monument

Then we went to check out the National Mosque. We did not go inside, but jumped at the opportunity to take some tourist photos.

National Mosque Malaysia

Jess and Jacob at the Mosque

Merdeka Square

After another pit stop for a photo op at Merdeka Square, they took us to the best location to get a good shot of the towers. They are truly spectacular and amazing and I miss seeing them.

Petronas Towers

Then, we were treated to lunch at a place in the KLCC mall that serves local Malay food. It was so good. A little tip: if you ever see fish head curry on the menu, get it.

Our Lunch Spread

After that, we were off to another place to get some dessert. I forget what it was called, but boy was it good. Tapioca pearls, coconut milk, Melaka brown sugar and yams in one, and a cendol like dessert for the other. YUM!


Jasper’s family had to go back, so we said our sad goodbyes and continued with the tour by another stop for some more photos of the towers. This time, we were right up close.

Towers, Towers, Towers

The rain held off long enough for us to hop on to the train and head over to the central market. This is photo of the graffiti on the wall adjacent to the LRT station. I always love looking at it.

Graffiti at the Central LRT Station

We found our way to the Central Market and got a glimpse of the new market structure just outside under the Malaysian Kite sculptures. I am in love with these kites and am glad that they are a prominent part of the city now.

Decorative Malaysian Kite Sculpture

We made some purchases at the market and walked over to the Petaling Street market. Quite a different shopping experience compared to the market we just visited.

Walking to the Petaling Street Market

Then, after the downpour, we headed to Bukit Bintang to get some of the most delicious chicken wings we will ever eat. As always, they did not disappoint. They were so good and it was the perfect ending to the perfect day.

Chicken Wings at Bukit Bintang

I offer a huge thank you to Japser’s family for their time and generosity! We miss you guys.


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