Back to Kuta

After our beautiful, secluded beach holiday, we headed back to Kuta for some last-minute Bali fun. Cody and Josh went rafting while Zack, Jess and I headed into Ubud to take a look around.

Rafting Trip

Rafting Trip

Rafting Trip

The boys had a great time and Cody said it was the best rafting trip ever. To paraphrase what made it so incredible, he said it was like rafting through ancient ruins and amazing jungle surroundings. I think he said it reminded him of a scene out of Tomb Raider.

Ubud was great and we had a wonderful van driver taking us around to see all of the sights. We stopped to take some pictures of the rice fields and found some cute ducks, doing some very un-cute things.

Ubud Rice Fields

Ducks Producing More Ducks

Worship Flags

Then we got dropped of in central Ubud and walked around for about an hour. First we went to the Ubud temple and poked around. Then we found some coffee at Starbucks for Jess and Jacob and were surprised to find the most spectacular Starbucks atmosphere ever. No kidding. If you are in Ubud, check it out. After that, we tried our luck at the market. All in all, it was pretty expensive for a SE Asian market, but Jess scored some amazing paintings.

Rorey and Zack at the Ubud Temple

Jacob and Jess in the Temple

Balinese Statue within the Temple

View from Starbucks Courtyard

Ubud Market

After lunch, we met up with the guys and headed to the monkey temple. Jess was rather timid about the whole thing, but she was a good sport. I tried to keep them away from her as best as I could.

The Gang Checking Out the Monkeys

Two Monkey

While we were walking around, Jess and I spotted the sickest looking baby monkey I have ever seen. I thought I was going to catch something from just looking at him. It was really, really sad.

Poor Monkey From the Front

Poor Monkey From the Back

Then we went back to Kuta, had some dinner, drank some beers while watching the royal wedding and got ready for our surfing trip the next morning.

Dinner at Local Mamak

Jess and Jacob Digging In

Cute Kite Kids

Beers While Watching the Royal Wedding

Kuta Streets

The next day we got up early, tried (pretty unsuccessfully) to go surfing in some huge waves not intended for beginners and headed back to KL. It was a great trip and it was so great for everyone to come out and visit us on our last SE Asian holiday. Thanks gang and let’s do it again in the Seychelles!

Surfing Morning

Tired Surfing Party

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