Last Malaysian Holiday: Lembongan Island Paradise at Dream Beach

So, we wrapped up work and the very next day headed to Bali. Everyone in SE Asia kept encouraging us to go to the island of Bali, so we listened to the advice and planned our farewell trip. Luckily, five friends were able to come and join us.

We showed up in Kuta and booked it as quickly as possible to a smaller island called Lembongan. We stayed at Dream Beach Huts and the stay was amazing. Dream beach is such a fitting title for it. The highlights included white sandy private beaches, warm water waves, cocktail hour, birthday shots, sunburn, infinity pool, pool statues and plenty of fresh juice.

Waiting to be Picked-Up for Lembongan

Boat Ride to Lembongan

Welcome Drinks at Dream Beach

Snorkeling Trip

Manta!!!! That close!!!!

Snorkeling Gang

Snorkeling Boat Ride

Lombongan Temple

Happy Hour at Dream Beach

Birthday Shots... Happy Birthday Cody!

Evening Pool Party

Pool Party Gang

Scooter Ride

Coke Break


Nice View

Morning View

Hut View

Scooter Ride Back to the Ferry

Gang Leaving Lembongan

Selamat Tinggal Lembongan


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