Goals: April Review and May Plan

So, this month has been extremely busy and a little emotional for me. Cody and I have been finishing up work, hosting going away parties, getting ready for visitors, pacing, learning more about Tanzania and dealing with some personal challenges. With that said, I was not too excited to reflect upon my goals for April. I knew it would not be good. Especially since I could not even remember them and had not put them in my journal (the think that helps remind me and take data throughout the month.) With that said, here is how I did and you can be sure that I was honest with my self-reporting, or as honest as possible.

  • run 4X this month and JM 1X per week- not met, thanks JM 😦
  • three vegan days per week- met, I think
  • use things we have to make meals before going shopping (yeah, I know, this is not too measurable, any help please?)- met
  • all school work done by my last day of school– met
  • catch up on blog and be up-to-date by the time Bali arrives- not met
  • begin packing for the US and going through items- met
  • Finish reading A Long Way Gone and return it to Lois and read Bel Canto- met
  • 2 more chapters in EM- not met
  • Ultimate Goal: 6/8- not met, I did 5/8

So here is what I have for May:

  • Swim 3 times before leaving Malaysia on May 11th.
  • Exercise everyday before leaving Malaysia.
  • Finish exit evaluation and email it off before leaving.
  • Review computer files and back-up computer.
  • Write 5 blog posts before leaving.
  • Eat Taco Bell in the US no more than 3 times before reaching Portland.
  • Organize a Bay Area get together for our homecoming.
  • Finish The Poisonwood Bible.
  • Order Cody’s belated Birthday gift.
  • Have fun while dealing with a stressful month.

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