Ngoc Thao Guesthouse

I truly can’t believe that I waited 4 months to write a post about how great our guesthouse was in HCMC. Ngoc Thao Guesthouse is the best!

The Best Guesthouse Ever!

Amazing Guesthouse

I really could not recommend any guesthouse that we have stayed in the past two years more than I can recommend this one. They were fantastic (and it is not just because amazingly, somehow they returned our camera to us.) Let me break it down.

  • The location is fantastic. It is conveniently located near so many things.
  • The family running it are so great. They are friendly, speak English very well and go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable.
  • The place is extremely safe. They know everyone who is staying there and lock the gate when the hours get late yet allow you to come and go as you please.
  • The rooms are clean and comfortable and the share living spaces are very homey.
  • They offer free internet on two computers, have many travel books and other magazines, and offer a fantastic free breakfast that you order from a menu. The food is fresh and delicious and they serve a surprisingly large, healthy portion.
  • They have scrabble!
  • The family will help you organize tours through the area and give you suggestions and ideas for what to do while in HCMC.
  • They can organize a private taxi to the airport for you.
  • The price is great!

If you are not fully convinced, here are some pictures.

Cody Playing Scrabble

Amazing Breakfast

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