Vietnamese Water Puppet Show

The bus ride back to Saigon was long, hot and not too comfortable, especially after I stepped, ankle-deep into “waste” water in a bathroom at a gas station. Thank god for the Detol wet-wipes I thought to bring for emergencies. This was definitely an emergency worthy of much more than the wet-wipes, but I made do with what I had. It was disgusting! But I did learn to look before stepping into a bathroom every time, no matter how badly I am racing to the toilet.

We reached our hostel late and headed out to dinner and back to the popcorn bar. Both were delicious and it was another good evening in Saigon.

The following day, we went back to the Vietnam War Remnants Museum in search of the man who our new friend Charles knew. It also gave us a great opportunity to see the rest of the museum, the parts we had missed on our first visit.

That afternoon, after the museum, we walked around the corner to the Rong Vang Golden Dragon Water Puppetry Theater.

Water Puppet Theater

The show had live musicians who played all of the music and created the dialogue and sound effects. Although we had no idea what they were saying, the sounds coming out of the 6 microphones matched the fun and comedy of the performance. The musicians really got into it and played off of one another.

Musicians in the Theater

Musicians During the Show

The show in its entirety was about 45 minutes long and there was definitely a story in there somewhere, but it was lost in translation. We could tell that it was hilarious and both Cody and I were laughing up a storm. There was a lot of dancing around, chasing animals, and dunking up and down in the water. It was fantastic and I would recommend the water puppet show for all travelers. I actually saw two this visit and I would have seen two more.

Water Puppet Power!

The amazing puppeteers came out afterward and even after seeing the puppet show twice, we still could not figure out how they did it. There were so many cross overs and fast rapid movements and large grand movements to the music. It was just truly spectacular!

The Magical Water Puppeteers

Watch a really fun video that I took during the show here on YouTube.

Rong Vang- Golden Dragon Water Puppetry Theatre- 55 B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai st, D1, HCMC

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