Making Rice Paper

After the floating market, we went to another local market and walked around. We tried to get a snack but the odors that wafted up from the stagnant puddles of water and the overwhelming crowds made us pass on some food.

Chicken Boat

Vietnamese Women Selling Wares

Wet Market

Want Some Chicken?

Fish for Sale

We headed back on the boat to our next destination, which was a total surprise. During the entire trip, we really had no idea where we were going. Cody and I just followed the guide and hoped for the best. From the boat, on our way to the next destination, we saw some amazing countryside.

Vietnamese Country Side

Houses on the Mekong

Next on our journey was a short walk from the boat dock, through a little village, to a family run rice noodle operation. It was so cool!

First, they take the grain from the husk and grind the rice into flour. Then they mix up a batch of rice paper slurry, pour it on to a hot plate and cook it so it resembles a huge rice crepe. Then they lay the rice crepe out onto drying racks, transfer them out into the sun and let them dry. After they are dried, they feed the sheets into a slicing machine and out comes rice noodles. I really felt like I was on a Mr. Rogers tour. Here is a short video showing a set in the process. It was fantastic!

Preparing the Rice to Become Flour


Making the Rice Paper


Rice Paper Sheets Drying in the Sun

Afterward, we stopped for a little snack at a tiny little food stall. There were some interesting sweets to choose from and we snagged some local donuts. They were yummy.



Cody Eating Vietnamese Donuts



Donut Close-Up





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