Morning Markets at Vietnamese Homestay

After our long evening, we had an option to get up at 6:00 and go to the market with our host or sleep in. Amazingly enough, everyone got up and went to the market, although we had only gone to bed a few hours earlier. It was a misty morning and had to cross the river on small boats to get across to the market. The boat ride was serene and peaceful but I could barely see the sights through my sleepy eyes.


Boat to the Market

Once we got to the market, I was surprised by all of the hustle and bustle in this tiny village. There were so many women kneeling down selling their product and fish with bright-eyed smiles.

Homestay Morning Market

We walked around taking photos and looking at all of the beautiful items for sale.

Flowers and Produce for Sale

Fish for Sale

Cody at the Market

Our homestay guide bought some freshly baked baguettes, and we headed back for a quick breakfast before getting back on the boat to journey to the floating market to meet up with the rest of our tour group.


Boat on the Mekong


House on the Mekong River

As we approached the market, the boat slowed down and got to see the interesting interactions taking place at the floating market. It was very strange for me to see people with boats filled to the brim with product motoring around to other boats to exchange goods. The boaters were very agile and many of them seemed to live on their boats. We saw hammocks, laundry lines and makeshift kitchens everywhere we looked.



Man Receiving a Fresh Vietnamese Baguette



Squash for Sale



Cabbage For Sale


Pineapple for Sale

We stopped to purchase some pineapple from this lovely family. Our fellow travelers hopped of the boat, climbed on the other boat and got some delicious pineapple.


Travelers on Pineapple Boat


Pineapple Peddler Family


Here is a short video I took while on the boat.










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